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The Lost Cause by Cory Doctorow

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5/5 stars

We didn’t stop climate change in time. Epidemics of novel, deadly pathogens are a regular occurrence. So is wearing a mask due to nearby fores fires or toxic fumes. Cities need to be abandoned when they’re no longer safe to live in.

Everyone knows climate change is real — even the Magas feel its effects. But despite being mostly a slowly dying relic of the past, they oppose every measure to mitigate the issues and build a better society: jobs guarantee, welcoming refugees, multi-story buildings in place of single-family houses. Intead they dream of forcing crisis through domestic terrorism, unknowingly egged on by the libertarians who all fucked off to the seas where they wait until all hell breaks loose so they can come in, save the world though technology and take their rightful place as the kings (sorry — thought leaders) of the world.

It is quite the setup and when you know how often Doctorow mentions the Checkov’s Gun principle, and literal guns make appearance early on, you know this is going to blow up.

The Lost Cause doesn’t have a particularly deep or twisty plot, but it just keeps on going. Except for Doctorow’s signature "this is where we explain MMT / prefab buildings / making the perfect cold brew" dialogue which everyone grew to love (or hate).

I’ve enjoyed The Lost Cause thoroughly. It’s more young-adulty then its actual adult sequel (maybe?) Walkaway. It’s about a generation that knows what to do to fix the world and has the means and will to do it, but what if your own family elders fiercely oppose every effort?

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