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Heads-up: I’ve imported all the reviews I’ve written on Goodreads to this site. There’s been a fair number of them so if they broke your RSS feed, I apologise.

I’ve tried to do it in a way where that doesn’t happen, but it’s still a bit of a mystery to me and I suspect that different clients and providers behave differently. Most importantly, I couldn’t figure out a good way of knowing ahead of time.

Turns out Goodreads managed to collect a fair bit of my writing over the years. And since websites come and go — or worse lock out the user-generated content that made them possible  — I’d like to have all my writing in one place that I control.

These new posts are dated with the time I wrote them. I’ve also added categories to this site so you can see on the post as well as the index whether it’s a book review, import from goodreads, programming-related etc.

Overall, the writing is a bit rough. The reviews I put on Goodreads were only lightly checked for typos and glaring errors.

Going forward, any review I publish on Goodreads will appear here as well.

Screenshot and link to the website for the Dose Response game

Hi! I wrote a game! It's an open-world roguelike where you play an addict called Dose Response. You can get it on the game's website (pay what you want!), it's cross-platform, works in the browser and it's open source! If you give it a go, let me know how you liked it, please!