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Sourcery by Terry Pratchett

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4/5 stars

I’ve embarked on a journey to read all Discworld books in sequence, now that the author won’t write any new ones (RIP). I was off to a rocky start with the first few books (they dragged a little too much and were less amazing than I remembered), but this one really hit its stride.

There’s a powerful source of magic, about to rattle the sleepy passive field that wizardry has become and tear the world apart. On the other hand, you’ve got a barbarian lady who wants to become a hair dresser, a gentleman who wants to become a barbarian and a wizard who does not know any spells but he is a wizard, no doubt about it. He’s got the hat to prove it, too!

What I always appreciated about Terry Pratchett’s writing is the breadth and depth of his knowledge. Whenever he veers into areas I’m knowledgeable in, I’m amazed at how far he gets with what is just a silly fantasy book on the surface.

I also really appreciate the diversity of humour which ranges from very smart, through culture references (obscure and obvious) to the lowliest of puns.

And this book exhibits all that combining it with great, well-paced plot.

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