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tcod-rs version 0.6.0 is out

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The Rust bindings for libtcod are now at version 0.6.0 \o/

tcod-rs is a library for writing roguelike (and other ASCII based) games. It provides a character-based drawing interface, bitmap fonts, path finding and field of view and a bunch of other features. It also works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Notable changes:

We’re following semantic versioning, so with 0.6.0 there can still be a significant breakage – theoretically. However, the main interface seems fairly robust and usable and we do not expect a lot of breaking changes.

To try it out, add tcod = "0.6.0" to the dependencies section of your Cargo.toml.

You can see the release notes here:

Look at the documentation:

And check out the examples:

Screenshot and link to the website for the Dose Response game

Hi! I wrote a game! It's an open-world roguelike where you play an addict called Dose Response. You can get it on the game's website (pay what you want!), it's cross-platform, works in the browser and it's open source! If you give it a go, let me know how you liked it, please!